Willow DBS can organize all your clinical data: storing, indexing and distributing patient information for your practice.

Willow DBS delivers information that allows clinicians easy access to their patient's information and images while providing secure HIPAA compliant methods for review, connectivity, and distribution.

Willow DBS allows the user to store all of their patient's clinical information in a single data structure and access this data with a web browser for an easily used integrated retrieval system.

Currently the Willow DBS system is managing clinical data for both large and small departments. We install, maintain and upgrade our national and International clients with secure remote access methods.

For the past 6 years Willow DBS had been distributed and installed under several different names, J-WAR Systems Inc. is consolidating and renaming all of these under the Willow DBS name.

Willow DBS. Organic software. Software that grows with the needs of your business.


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J WAR Systems, Inc.

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